Grattan Creek, LLC

Handcrafted soap and wood crafts

Hello from Grattan Creek Handcrafted

Grattan Creek Handcrafted (Official business name, Grattan Creek LLC.) Is a home based business located in Martinsville, VA. See more about the company and our products at

We are taking pre-orders to be picked up at the Martinsville Uptown market. However, we are not manning a regular booth or displaying our products at the market at this time. We plan to show our stuff at the market starting in September.

Grattan Creek makes honest, old-fashioned, hand made soaps with high quality, natural ingredients. We make soaps to be used every day, not displayed in a dish to get dusty and stale. All of our soaps are made with a blend of vegetable oils and natural additives such as honey, colloidal oats, activated charcoal and other natural stuff.

All of our soaps are vegan friendly. The exception to this is our milk soaps, which are made with real, fresh milk. We never use canned or powdered milk.

This year, we have started adding an assortment of items from our wood shop to the table. Look on our web site for yarn bowls, bottle openers, bottle stoppers, Decorative bowls, bird houses, BBQ tools, and lots more.